Discover a Scuba Divers Paradise

Discover a Scuba Divers Paradise

One of the best scuba diving destinations in the world is the Grand Cayman Islands. Known for their coral reefs and abundant aquatic life, the Cayman Islands offer incredible vacations for both the experienced scuba diver and for the novice scuba diver. Scuba diving schools on the island offer certification classes for beginners.

A major tourist attraction in the Caymans is the Stingray City Sandbar where visitors can snorkel amongst the sea creatures and see a variety of tropical fish and stingrays. Tours are offered by local experts in the bay and offer tours of the bay while enjoying the comforts of a sixty five foot catamaran. Private snorkeling trips are also an option if planned after the cruise ship passengers report back to the ocean liner from charter groups that feature certified dive masters to oversee the exploration of marine life.

Tourists flying in from the across the world have the option of renting condos or villas on the island. A Cayman rental is superior to hotel stays because guests that choose a Cayman rental enjoy greater privacy away from the crowds of tourists and onlookers. A Cayman rental offers the flexibility of mingling with tourists at attraction sites or spending an afternoon on a private beach secluded from the rest of the world.

Condominiums and villas are available year round through Cayman rental agencies that can accommodate honeymooners or families with villas that range from one to six bedrooms. Most Grand Cayman villa rentals have private swimming pools and spas and offer spectacular ocean views and lookouts.

The Grand Cayman islands have some of the best windsurfing in the Caribbean for the adventurous or ocean kayak rentals for visitors that want a slightly slower paced self tour of the bay. The Cayman Islands offer a variety of activities from the sixty five acre botanical gardens in the center of the island that preserve the natural flora and fauna of the island to scuba diving in one of the top ranked dive destinations in the world to the off shore deep sea fishing in the six thousand foot deep waters that can be seen from land.

Deep sea sport fishing for marlin, tuna and mahi offers a rewarding challenge.

Of course, being in the Caribbean, there are plenty of bars available to sample the drink that the islands are known for, rum. But be forewarned that drinking leads to dehydration and can affect decompression to divers that are not careful.

Grand Cayman Villas and Condos ( provide luxurious Caribbean island vacation home and condo Cayman rental. A Grand Cayman villa rental is available as well as Cayman condo rentals for couples or family escapes. Cayman villas offer a range of two to six bedrooms. Billings Farnsworth is a freelance writer.

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Scuba Diving – Monterey Bay_ Metridium Fields Scuba Dive

Scuba Diving - Monterey Bay_ Metridium Fields Scuba Dive

What is the best place to snorkel/scuba? in italy? How do you become a professional scuba? diver? Bali diving? is one of the best scuba? diving? places where…
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Best Dive Fins for Christmas Gift

1. U.S. Divers Proflex II Diving Fins by U.S. Divers 2. US Divers Trek Travel Fin by U.S. Divers 3. U.S. Divers Sea L…
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Fabulous Scuba Diver Figurine (diving Under Water with the Fuff Gear, Camera ,Goggles, Oxygen Tank , Flappers)metal Wine Bottle Holder ,Presenter

Fabulous Scuba Diver Figurine (diving Under Water with the Fuff Gear, Camera ,Goggles, Oxygen Tank , Flappers)metal Wine Bottle Holder ,Presenter

Fabulous Scuba Diver Figurine (diving Under Water with the Fuff Gear, Camera ,Goggles, Oxygen Tank , Flappers)metal Wine Bottle Holder ,Presenter

  • Looking for that perfect themed gift for your loved one? Scuba Diver with Camera will do the trick with its complete scuba gear and underwater camera
  • Created with amazing level of detail and truly a one of a kind bottle holder
  • Fits regular 750ml size wine bottles. Great collectible Each piece is unequalized and reflects personality for a better gift experience Measures 10″ X 10.5″ X 4.5″ inches (with standard 12″ bottle in place). Wine bottle not included
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  • Made from lead free nickel plated metal

Looking for that perfect themed gift for your loved one? Scuba Diver with Camera will do the trick with its complete scuba gear and underwater camera,Created with amazing level of detail and truly a one of a kind bottle holder,Made from lead free nickel plated metal.Fits regular size wine bottle. Great collectible Each piece is unequalized and reflects personality for a better gift experience,Measures 10″ X 10.5″ X 4.5″ inches (with standard 12″ bottle in place). Wine bottle not included.Thank

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List Price: $ 69.99

Price: $ 35.99

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NEWS: Karwar Scuba

NEWS: Karwar Scuba

Of late, a number of youngsters have been flocking to Netrani Island in Karwar. The place has been bustling with activities like scuba diving. But this adven…
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Scuba Divers: 10 tips to better buoyancy

Scuba Divers: 10 tips to better buoyancy

On the first day of Scuba class, a student learns how important buoyancy is in diving. Once certified, a diver will spend a better portion of his/her training perfecting their buoyancy. Simple fact, buoyancy is more art than science. With good technique, the right training, ongoing practice and the right equipment, you can perfect your buoyancy. The goal of any diver is to hover effortlessly through the water. When you “dial in” your buoyancy, you will reap the benefits such as, better air consumption, dive with less exertion, protect the environment and safely control your ascents and descents, Great buoyancy means you are diving safer and having more fun.

Following are ten tips to assist you in developing better buoyancy:

1. Get more training: Most divers often use bad habits to compensate for poor technique. Without the right training, these bad habits become memorized and hard to break. Stumbling through the water becomes the status quo for many divers. Get enrolled in a class. Learn the right techniques to proper buoyancy. Perfect the ultimate skill for being a Scuba diver, without the crutch of bad habits. With more training, you will achieve the goal of spending as much time as possible, during your dive, neutrally buoyant.

2. Weight yourself correctly: One of the first skills you will learn in any buoyancy class is how to weight yourself correctly. if you are overweighted (one of the bad habits discussed above), you will need more air in your BCD to keep you off the bottom. More air in your BCD means more management as you ascend and descend. If you are weighted incorrectly you will spend little time neutrally buoyant. In fact, you will be struggling back and forth between being positively or negatively buoyant.

3. Spread your weight out: Many divers stack their weight in a single area on their body. Usually in a weight pocket or all on a weight belt. This misaligned weight placement usually causes the head to be in a downward or upward position. Seldom does it lead to perfectly horizontal position in the water. The rule of where the head leads, the body will follow applies when this happens. Thus, if the head is in an upward position, the diver will have a tendency to rise up, causing the air in his or her BCD to increase and making the diver positively buoyant. When this happens a diver must compensate by dumping air. When a diver has his or her head in a downward position, they often find themselves crashing into the bottom. Becoming a negatively buoyant diver. When a diver’s weight is “trimmed” correctly, they tend to be completely horizontal in the water and takes little or no effort to maintain a depth.

4. Own, don’t rent your gear: Every time a diver changes their gear configuration and exposure protection, their buoyancy changes. If you are constantly renting gear, you never have the same configuration thus your buoyancy characteristics become a wild card on every dive. The amount of weight needed, where weight can be placed, the buoyancy characteristics of the gear itself all change when you continuously rent gear. If you own your own gear, the configuration and the dive characteristics will be a constant on every dive. Buy right, buy once. Gear choice is an integral ingredient to mastering buoyancy and becoming an advanced diver.

5. Streamline your gear: Once you have purchased your own gear, you should take some time in the accessories section of your local dive shop. Find the right clips and snaps to “tighten” up your configuration. In order to protect the environment and your gear, it is important that loose gear is attached closely to the body. This practice is called streamlining. When you gear is streamlined, you will find that it does not create drag which can upset your relaxed neutral buoyancy.

6. Breathe control: Divers should always have control over their breathing. I have met some divers that have had great success learning yoga as a way to control their breathing. A good steady, continuous breathing pattern is a great way to maintain a constant depth and neutral buoyancy. As divers become more adept with diving, breath control is the way they make minor depth changes.

7. Stay in shape: This almost seems like an obvious tip and has benefits far outweighing just Scuba diving. Divers who are in shape require less weight, handle gear easily, breathe easier and have better buoyancy. A good, regular cardio-vascular workout is essential for mastering buoyancy technique.

8. Slow down: Most divers swim too fast. Not only do they miss things as they motor past them in the ocean, but swimming fast over-exerts divers. This could lead to abnormal air consumption and minimal bottom time. Further, if a diver becomes too over-exerted, it could lead to hyperventilation or a dangerous underwater scenario. In many instances, divers swim fast because it is a bad habit that they have picked up to overcompensate for poor buoyancy technique. Momentum is a bad habit that can keep a diver at a single depth, regardless if they are mildly negative or positive buoyant. Slow down, if a diver can’t maintain a constant depth while hovering, more training is probably required.

9. Observe other divers: Watching other divers and how they manage their buoyancy is a great way to learn great technique and observe bad habits. With the right mentor, observation can be a powerful training tool. Be mindful of what you are observing and take advice only from those folks who are qualified to give it.

10. Practice often: Skills rust when they are out of water. If divers do not practice your buoyancy skills and dive often, they will lose their perfected buoyancy. Divers should be in the water on a regular basis. It is recommended, divers practice their skills at least once per month. If a body of open water is not available, a pool is still a good option to practice skills.

Once you have your buoyancy perfected, drifting through the reefs of Cozumel, gliding down the steep walls of the Blue Hole in Belize and floating along side sea turtles in Hawaii become far more enjoyable.

Giant stride into a buoyancy clinic or specialty class and master neutral buoyancy.
Dive Safe and Have Fun

For more information on Scuba training and buoyancy, go to the Academy of Scuba

John C. Flanders, Jr., a seasoned and well traveled diver for over 20 years, is a recognized leader in both the dive and business communities. Mr. Flanders is an SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer, NAUI Instructor Trainer and a PADI Master Instructor. Mr. Flanders is a SeaSigns Instructor Examiner and the Director of International Training. Mr. Flanders is also trains divers in over 50 different specialties, technical diving and public safety diving. As an Instructor Trainer for both Emergency First Response and Divers Alert Network Courses, he assists in training instructors to teach these valuable safety courses. John has published numerous articles and manuals for the dive industry and is a frequent contributor to Diverwire, an industry leading portal for Scuba Divers. In over 20 years of diving John has explored almost every ocean and/or sea in the world off the coasts of 6 continents.

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3mm Snorkeling, Scuba Diving Fin Low Cut Neoprene Sock XLarge

3mm Snorkeling, Scuba Diving Fin Low Cut Neoprene Sock XLarge

3mm Snorkeling, Scuba Diving Fin Low Cut Neoprene Sock XLarge

  • 3mm Soft Neoprene
  • Available Sizes: XS Mens 3-4, S mens 4-5, M Mens 5-6,L 7-8, XL 9-15
  • Shaped for maximum comfort
  • Perfect for snorkeling

3mm low cut sock is perfect for snorkelers to wear with full foot fins.

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List Price: $ 10.95

Price: $ 10.95

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Aqualung Gear Up and Go Dive Travel & Scuba Gear Promotion

Virtually visit the travel destinations part of the 2009 Aqualung Gear Up and Go promotion – available at in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
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Reef Life (A Firefly Guide)

Reef Life (A Firefly Guide)

Reef Life (A Firefly Guide)

  • Used Book in Good Condition

Nowhere on earth is there a more beautiful and more abundant life than that which exists on the coral reefs just below the surface of the ocean. Reef Life is filled with information and images that brings order to the multitude of living things that exist here and allows the reader to appreciate the diversity and the richness of the world under the sea. This handy guidebook will prove invaluable to the diver, tourist, student and naturalist. Each species of plant and animal is covered in d

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Price: $ 39.77

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Scuba divers find ancient Roman shipwreck in Albanian coast

Scuba divers find ancient Roman shipwreck in Albanian coast

An U.S.-Albanian expedition recently found an impressive shipwreck with a set of well-preserved jars believed to date back as far as the 1st century B.C. The antique relics were found by a team of scientific experts who were scuba diving off Albania’s south-western coast.

The Roman shipwreck found by group of divers, who were on an archaeological mission is believed to be cargo ship, complete with some 300 wine jars (also known as amphoras, as per their official Greek name).

“Taking into consideration the date and also the depth — which is well suited for excavation — I would include it among the top 10 most scientifically interesting wrecks found in the Mediterranean,” one of the scuba divers that participated in the project, Albanian archaeologist Adrian Anastasi revealed.

The wreck found measured at 30 metres long and was believed to transport the produce of southern Albanian vineyards to various western European markets, including France.

According to a statement released by Key West, Florida-based RPM Nautical Foundation, the shipwreck was found early this month at a depth of 50 metres under the ocean’s surface, near the port city of Vlora, at 140 kilometres’ distance of the capital, Tirana.

Experts revealed that most of the jars or “amphoras” found used to transport wine and oil. They were found in an almost intact condition, unbroken despite the shipwreck. But despite this, the stoppers used to seal them had gone, allowing their contents to leak out into the saltwater.

Mission leader George Robb added that the ship could have been part of a flourishing trade in local wine.

“Ancient Illyria, which includes present day Albania, was a major source of supply for the western Mediterranean, including present day France and Spain,’ Robb explained.

Members of the scuba diving team retrieved one amphora for examination, before restoring it to the wreck. The site, whose precise location is being kept secret, will be left unexplored until the Albanian archaeological service is in a position to do so.

The mission which took about a month, ended last week and there are plans for it to be resumed again next year. According to Albanian coordinator Auron Tare, it will eventually cover the whole Albanian coastline.

“These five years have shown how rich the Albanian underwater coastline is, and how interesting it could be for international tourists,” he said.

In full co-operation with Albanian archaeologists, the foundation has been surveying a swathe of Albania’s previously unexplored coastal waters for the past five years. And so far, experts have located as many as 20 shipwrecks — including several relatively modern ones.

Whilst Albania is not considered to be among the group of top scuba diving destinations in the world, it definitely is an exotic one to try and one that could certainly prove fascinating scuba diving holidays. Far from the appeal of more traditional scuba diving locations in the Caribbean, what Albania has is a wealth of historic diving locations, with many ancient shipwrecks and underwater caves to explore.

Born in Cuba and having lived and studied in London for over 5 years, Susana is a recent university graduate with a passion for travel who has taken much inspiration from the exotic destination she has visited throughout the years.

Upon graduating she has ultimately come to join an important UK tour operator specialised in Cuba holidays to share her love for travel with holidaymakers as the company’s very own travel reporter and news editor. Her interest in the tourism industry was formed from a very early age, following her father’s footsteps, a travel representative and manager, who worked for Cuba’s national air carrier and whose travelling job was also the reason she found herself travelling from an early age and living in different parts of the world with her family.

Having travelled extensively herself, throughout her home country in Cuba, Europe and other faraway destinations in Asia and the Middle East, including exotic hot spots like China and Egypt, she continues to nourish and build upon her tourism knowledge to bring our travel readers with a fresh outlook on the latest happenings in the holiday industry.

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Best Ultimate Iron On Natural Bridges Travel Collectable Souvenir Patch – National Parks & Monuments Souvenir Postcard Type Quality Photos Graphics – Natural Bridges

Best Ultimate Iron On Natural Bridges Travel Collectable Souvenir Patch – National Parks & Monuments Souvenir Postcard Type Quality Photos Graphics – Natural Bridges

Best Ultimate Iron On Natural Bridges Travel Collectable Souvenir Patch - National Parks & Monuments Souvenir Postcard Type Quality Photos Graphics - Natural Bridges

  • Alpha’s Kick’n Adventurers’ Patch They are extremely soft to the touch and wonderful iron-on collectible patches that are a large 4.25″ X 5.25″
  • Truly the world’s best and most unique patch available It’s the easier way to manage your souvenirs which are sure to bring back smiles of great times
  • Highly durable with super colorful graphics that will not fade in sun or repeated washings They will adhere completely for years
  • Preserve memories and cap off every trip with A-KAP Great way to preserve and talk about your vacation fun Ensures great memories will “stick”
  • There are many models available and more on the way

National Parks & Monuments. Majestic natural rock bridges that makes one ponder at the power of water in a landscape usually defined by its absence, located in Utah. Collectable, iron on name patch. These patches will stick forever and will not fade. Although it can be ironed to any porous fabric, it was especially developed as an accompaniment to our Personal Travel and Adventure Tracking Towel (PTATT) to provide a way to chronicle your travels. Each time you visit a new location or fulfill a d

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Price: $ 8.85

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Minecraft Xbox | “SCUBA DIVING” | Survival #76

“HOW MANY LIKES FOR MORE MINECRAFT XBOX?!” ▻ Subscribe and join TeamTDM! :: ▻ My Twitter :: Today, we are back in Minecraft…

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