Scuba Diver Gifts: Ideas For Pleasing The Underwater Enthusiast In Your World

When it comes to toys certain items are sure to light up the eyes of every underwater enthusiast in your life. If you wonder what scuba diver gifts to choose from, maybe these suggestions will help you in your quest.

The first thing to consider when picking out a present for that special diver is deciding the category of the gift that will please the most. For scuba diving, gifts fall into two prime categories: tools and toys.

The tool category includes the sub-categories of:


Those pieces of scuba equipment that keep the diver alive while underwater.

Dive gear that, while not necessary for sustaining life, make the dive more pleasant. (Or improves the diver’s ability to perform his diving skills.)


The degree of pleasure your diver gets when receiving a present that falls within a specific category depends on the personality of your diver.

Over the years my lady gifted me with a dive computer, and an underwater camera outfit – just as examples. The computer makes my diving easier, while the camera setup lies more in the toys category.

Her method of selecting a gift for me is to visit my local dive shop, and ask the owner what I’ve expressed the most interest in lately. Her gifts score big every time.

Items in tools include:


Life sustaining gear:


Regulator. (Allows the diver to breathe air from the tank.)

Gauge console with air pressure, and depth gauges. (Shows the amount of air available, and how deep you’re diving.)

Buoyancy control device. (Helps you float before and after your dive, maintain your depth while you dive, and return to the surface when you complete your dive.)

Dive timer or dive watch. (Lets the diver keep track of time of dive, and number of minutes at each depth.)

Scuba tank. (Supplies air for breathing underwater.)


Dive enhancing equipment:


Computer. (Replaces timer, depth gauge, and pressure gauge. Tracks your time at depth to warn you when you’re too long at a given depth.)

Underwater flashlight. (Gives illumination for night dives, caverns, and crevices.)

Writing slate. (Lets the diver take notes of sights, and fish, seen during the dive.)

Whistle. (A signaling device for when a diver needs help.)

Compass. (Allows the diver to navigate underwater.)

Scuba mask. (Gives divers more vision of the aquatic realm.)

Fins. (Permit you to move around more efficiently.)

Dive suit. (Helps keep you warm during cold-water conditions.)


Items in toys are:


Underwater camera system. (Lets you make memory reminders.)

Dive flashlight. (Handy for exploring dark places, even during daytime dives.)

Dive watch. (Ornamental. Some are suitable for formal dress occasions.)

Dive knife. (Pry, or poke, objects for further investigation. Also considered a tool as it cuts through fishing line, and entangling plant life.)


These are just a few of the items available for the diver in your life. As she or he talks about diving you can pick up some ideas about what items your diver most desires.

One thing’s certain. If you choose the right scuba diver gifts you’ll make your diver very happy.

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