Sherwood Solaris Buoyancy Compensator Review And Price Comparison

If you know how to weight yourself properly you don’t really need a buoyancy control device (BCD). But a BCD does come in handy in case of emergency, or as a piece of scuba gear that makes a diver just feel more comfortable.

Finally, a Buoyancy Compensator (BC) designed by women for women. The new SOLARIS buoyancy control device is designed to meet the needs of the woman diver.

The Solaris BC uses the back-mounted flotation cell design, preferred by many women dithetitlevers, and takes it to a new level of comfort offering superior stability and maximum freedom of movement above and under water.

The SOLARIS shares similar benefits found on the AXIS, but offers a design specific to women. The cut of the SOLARIS has been carefully tailored to fit the contours of a woman’s body. Finishing details such as the plush interior with a comfort neckline, convenient pockets with zipper closures, the high-grade materials, and rear-mounted trim weight pockets all lead to a buoyancy compensator that will maximize any woman’s diving experience.

Similar to the AXIS, the design of the SOLARIS and simplified harness system allows you to get into the gear with minimum adjustments. These features make this BCD a favorite of novice as well as advanced divers.

Plush interior lining. Shaped -shoulders. Neoprene comfort neckline. CQR 2 Weight system – easy to operate. Convenient pockets with secure zippers. Full length sewn-in back pack with single tank band. Front closure with depth-compensating feature for a secure fit.


title Sherwood Sherwood HOG 58 lb Wing Sherwood Oceanic Probe HLC BUOYANCY COMPENSATOR BC BCD Scuba Dive Diving Divers Jacket Style Integrated Weight System and Trim Po
Weight 11 pound 11 pound 4.5 pound 11 pound 12 pound
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This recent price comparison chart shows you the Solaris’ position in the buoyancy compensation device price range:

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Need more options?

Get more information at Sherwood Solaris.


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