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Posted on by Joe Jackson

Chris asks…

any good future jobs?

i am 15 years old, male, i never really knew what i wanted to do (as a job) when im an adult. can someone give me a good idea of what i could do? heres some info about me:

im tall – 6’2″ (still growing)

my hobbies are scuba diving, swimming, skiing and gaming

i have been told i am creative in art, i considered industrial design, but im not sure about it.

i have always admired the military, might go into it as a backup plan if nothing else works out.


i just learned how to scuba dive about 4 months ago, and the greatest depth i have been to is 52 feet, but i want to go deeper for the thrill. i am still considered a novice.


swimming comes naturally to me. i have been told i have a talent in swimming by the lifeguard at the beach.


i am an intermediate/expert skier. i learned how to ski about 5 years ago. i do not do stunts, except for the occaisional 2-foot jump. i am expert at downhill groomed skiing, my speed record is 51.3 MPH.


well… i just really like gaming. i dont really want to make a job out of it, but willing to try if the military job fails me.

if you have an idea for a job, please, answer this question with the official name of the job, and describe it in moderate detail.
you may also just give me the name/genre of the job, i will research it.


admin answers:

Check out the US Navy Seals. Sounds like it might interest you. They’ll teach you some valuable job skills for later, and you’ll learn discipline too.

Steven asks…

Do you have to know how to swim in order to snorkel or scuba diving???

admin answers:

You must demonstrate the ability to swim 200 meters, and float for 10 minutes as part of getting an open water certification for scuba diving.

Carol asks…

Can you go scuba diving if you don’t know how to swim?

admin answers:

You can. Consider how you’ll react to being underwater, or in open ocean, if you don’t know how to swim to shore or a boat.
If you’re prone to getting panicky I advise you learn to swim first.
Also, legitimate scuba stores won’t fill your air tanks if you don’t have at least an open water certification.

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