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William asks…

How far down does light travel underwater?

Saltwater/ocean if it makes a difference. On a clear day with no waves. If you were scuba diving, how far down can you be and still see well with only the human eye/no flashlights? (seeing other people, plants, and animals).

admin answers:

While diving you can see as deep as 300-feet. Water disperses light so it doesn’t penetrate much deeper than that without underwater lights. It don’t even get that deep if there is a lot of particulate matter floating around.

That normally isn’t a problem for recreational scuba divers though. The depth limit for recreational  scuba diving is 130-feet.

As a precaution, and to investigate dark cavities, I usually carry a dive light on every dive.

Maria asks…

Starting a diving/scuba career?

Hi guys, I’ve recently been looking into the diving community with great interest. Just to give you a background on my life I’m 17 years old I got certified for open water diving about 4 years ago and I fell in love with it. My dad took the classes 2 years before me. I’ve lived in Minnesota all my life and both me and my dad have grown up on Millacs lake so were part fish, well not really but close to it! Most of my lifve I’ve had most of my friends and family tell me to go to college and get a well paying job and have nice stuff but I thought hell I want to do something I love something I have a passion for and this might be it. He wants to open a diving shop on Marco Island in Florida in the next 5 years but I’ve been looking into commercial diving/dive instructors/dive masters. I’ve done light research but I really don’t know much about them. How much money would one of these make is it enough to get by? Is there a career where you photograph underwater? Thanks a ton! Shane

admin answers:

As a dive instructor/divemaster you probably won’t find many high paying opportunities. That route does open lots of travel possibilities though, and you can dive some amazing reefs.

Underwater photography can be lucrative if you learn how to successfully market your product.

Commercial diving pays more, but is more dangerous also.

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